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Flat strips

Flat strips

Flat Strips – Self-Adhesive Finishing Tape – Flachleisten

Flat Strips with soft lip and foamed adhesive tape for covering the joint between the window frame and wall, for use in drywall construction, interior fittings for connection to the wall.
SKS standard – standard for exterior and interior mounting.
Accessories: special scissors for a clean cut.
Easy and comfortable use and “waste free” application.

Self-adhesive flat strips are available in the following range:

- profile 1.0 mm, 1.5 mm, 2.0 mm thick
- profile width 20-80 mm
- on rolls of 50 m
- cut to length of 6 m (packing of 60 m)
- with/ without soft lip
- with/ without adhesive tape

Flat strips 1 mm

- FLR2010 – 20×1 mm
- FLR3010 – 30×1 mm
- FLR4010 – 40×1 mm
- FLR5010 – 50×1 mm
- FLR6010 – 60×1 mm

Flat strips 1.5 mm

- FLR3015 – 30×1.5 mm
- FLR4015 – 40×1.5 mm
- FLR5015 – 50×1.5 mm
- FLR6015 – 60×1.5 mm

Flat strips 2 mm

- FL7020 – 70×2 mm
- FL8020 – 80×2 mm

Minimum order: 50 m.
Shipment time: generally on stock/ 2 weeks.
Shipment conditions: EXW Ogre, Latvia.

All our profiles are produced from high-quality German PVC-granulate and with German self-adhesive foam tape.
Our tape has increased adhesive features up to -10 C.
SKS standard – standard for exterior and interior mounting.
We exclusively order this tape especially for Nordic countries.
Adhesive: acrylate glue.
Adhesive application: 120 g/m2.
Temperature range: -40˚C to +120˚C.
Adhesive properties: aggressive adhesive.
Material – white hard and soft PVC.
UV-resistance due to high content of TiO2 (titanium dioxide).
Tape liners are blue or green on request.

Flat Strips are available also with deco finish:
profile width 30-60 mm on rolls of 50 m coated with Renolit decorative wood-color foil with sealing lip in matching color
golden oak 2178001, dark oak 2052089, mahogany 2065021 (Renolit foil number)

Other width and deco finish colors on request, not generally stocked.
Please always specify complete Renolit foil number with your inquiry.

Mounting guide for Flat Strips

Glass or plastic surfaces: the glass or plastic must be clean, dry and free of any grease or fat. There must not even be the slightest film of moisture or grease. Clean with a dry cloth or rag.
Note: Do not use any cleaning agent containing surfactants (e.g. glass cleaner etc.).

Adhesive tape: the surface of adhesive tape must be also clean, dry and grease free. Therefore it is important to remove the protective foil carefully and only immediately before glueing.
Note: Initially the adhesive tape has only a minimal initial adhesion. Adhesive process takes 12-24 hours.

Working temperature:
On construction sites by lower temperatures there should be a hot-air fan available which can be used for warming up.
End butt joints are to be used to compensate any expansion of sections/ strips (summer/ winter).
A strong contact pressure will ensure a good, even surface contact. Press-down rollers are ideal tool for this.

Flat strips